Corinna Devta Kaur Steger

born 1975, married to Devta Singh and a Mother

Graduate in Business administration focusing on marketing


Kundalini Yoga Teacher since 2004, Coordinator of an international Yoga Teacher Training since 2012, 

Pregnancy and Post-natal Yoga Teacher,

Family Constellation Facilitator since 2013,

Systemic Consultant since 2018,

Karam Kriya Consultant since 2021,

Associated Trainer for "The Mother's journey" (Pregnancy and Post-natal Yoga Training).



About Kundalini Yoga

"For more than 23 years, I am engaged in bodywork and meditation. When I first came to know Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan in 2000, it was like "Arriving at Home." Fully convinced I found the right thing for me, in 2003 I started the Two-Year 'Level 1' Training to become a yoga teacher. My enthusiasm and deep gratitude for this millennia-old knowledge has remained with me to this day. In 2006, I decided to complete the international 'Level 2' training, an intense three-year development of one's personality, and a deepening of yogic knowledge. After completing Level 2, I started as the coordinator and organizer of this training, so I am in constant flow of inspiration and learning."


About family constellations

"I first encountered the method of family reunion in the year 2002. I was fascinated by the ability to effectively and purposefully recognize dynamics and patterns and experience healing in such a swift way." After a few constellations, I followed my heart in and began the training as a practicioner of family constellations 2012 with Wolfgang Bracht in Freiburg. It was a journey to myself. 

After intensive 14 months of training, I refined my knowledge through a 'specialization and supervision year' also with Wolfgang Bracht and workshops with various other instructors.

'Clarity & Love' are for me the two most outstanding elements of this wonderful work."


About systemic consultations

"For many years I played with the idea to be working as a consultant. The special thing about the systemic approach for me is the appreciation and the orientation towards objectives as well as the involvement of the relevant system of concern to the client. A holistic approach with a clear focus on the future and solutions! It is important to me that the client herself/himself is the expert in her/his life, and I see myself as an expert in reminding her/him of her/his own solutions and resources.

At the beginning of the three-year training - in 2015 - I saw it mainly as support and further building block for family constellations, and then gradually discovered and appreciated systemic counseling as an independent and valuable work."


About Karam Kriya consultations

"Understanding the numbers through life, understanding life through the numbers: Another wonderful building block for my consultations, my yoga classes, and most importantly, my personal life! When I met Shiv Charan Singh in person for the first time in 2014 and had several conversations with him, I felt that his way of teaching would have a great impact on my development. Following this inner call, I live near his ashram, am actively involved there and dive deeper and deeper into the world of numbers. Meanwhile it resonates in every one of my consultations, sometimes as background music, sometimes as the main theme, bringing deep understanding and clarity about our self, helping us to better understand the past, to be present and to go powerfully and self-determined into the future."


Thanks to all my teachers, who accompanied, supported and guided me on my way. Sat Nam


Devta Singh

born 1979, married to Devta Kaur and a Father 

Graduate Engineer


Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher (Level 1 and 2)

Mentee of the KRI Teacher Training

Karam Kriya Consultant


Formation and Training  with Siri Pritam Kaur & Gur Suraj Singh and the Karam Kriya School / Shiv Charan Singh

Childplay Yoga with Gurudass Kaur




"Kundalini Yoga (KY) has been with me since over 16 years. From the first moment I felt connected to what I was experiencing. It was not immediately clear what triggered that feeling, however, I knew that I wanted to find out. So, I went on my personal journey to yoga, which, as it turned out, was a journey to myself.


What I particularly like about KY is that it is very practical-oriented - a yoga for householders, for working people, for parents, for all. The holistic view of the human condition is reflected as well in the interaction of the different elements of a yoga class. More than often the public image of yoga is characterized by super-flexible people with "ideal" shapes (whatever that means to each one). However, the path of yoga offers for everyone a lot to discover, regardless of age and personal constitution, especially in relation to your Self. From my own experience, I can say: the journey is worthwhile.


I bow to the service of all the teachers who have walked this path before me and I thank from the bottom of my heart my own teachers who, with their inspiration and guidance, have helped me to walk my path. I also thank all the companions who awake me to more consciousness and self-reflection. Thanks to Yogi Bhajan for his legacy and his heart of gold. It is both a great honor and a great challenge to apply this ancient knowledge and pass it on to others. Sat Nam."


"We all live spiritually from what people have given us in meaningful hours of our lives." - Albert Schweitzer