Systemic Counseling

with Corinna Devta Kaur


What is systemic counseling? 

Every person experiences times of uncertainty, decision-making processes or crises in his or her life. Often our thoughts are circling, we think about our problems or the pros and cons - and in that phase we do not manage to get out of this situation on our own. Or there are beliefs or behavioral patterns that we know well about ourselves, which tend to block us instead of moving us forward in life.

Whether it is a short-term crisis or a fixed problem, counseling supports us to move from the negative to a sustainable solution, to achieve new ideas and vision, and to find new sources of strength. (Re)discovering one's own potential and strengthening self-confidence, developing confidence in the future and the ability to act, these are essential points in counseling. 


Meanwhile, there are many forms of support: counseling, coaching, therapy.

What is systemic counseling?

Systemic counseling shows the following characteristics:

  • solution-focused and resource-oriented
  • appreciative
  • The system and its interactions are included and looked at
  • "The client is his own expert".
  • "The client already carries the solution within herself/himself".
  • Short-term therapy method, i.e. only a few sessions are necessary at longer intervals

This is not a psychoanalysis or therapy, but a counseling where I as a counselor stay on the same level with the client. I assume that the client already carries her/his solution within herself/himself and support her/him specifically by asking questions and using various counseling techniques, such as visualization or refraiming.


These methods help the client to gain more vision and clarity, open up new ideas and resources to ultimately find their own solution. Depending on the client's concerns, her /his system (family, professional environment, inner values, etc.) and the effects within this system are included.


It is a holistic work in which the client and her/his point of view are positioned in the center.

Topcis for systemic counseling

In principle, all topics from personal and professional life are suitable, from inner conflicts or illnesses to problems in the partnership, family or professional life to decisions of all kinds.

Here are a few examples: 

  • Professional:
    • Problems at work / with colleagues / with the superior
    • burn out / exhaustion
    • Questions about further professional development
    • "Where are my strengths, where are my interests?" 
    • Finding resources for everyday professional life or self-employment
    • Being able to face changes within the work more calmly
    • Decision-making in the professional context (change of job, apprenticeship, career offer ...)
    • Dealing with unemployment 
  • Private life:
    • Problems in the partnership / in the family / with friends, neighbors...
    • Educational problems / problems with own children
    • Finding resources (= sources of strength) for daily life
    • Self-awareness & self-worth vs. victim role
    • Crises of meaning & crises during life transitions (e.g. menopause, "midlife crises"...)
    • Fears like exam anxiety or fear of rejection
    • Decision making of any kind in a private context
  • Health-related: 
    • Dealing with chronic illness
    • "What is good for me?"
    • Stress symptoms 
    • States of exhaustion
  • Inner values:
    • Dissolving or reshaping beliefs and behavior patterns
    • Allowing joy and contentment
    • "Can I be happy?"