Family Constellation

with Corinna Devta Kaur


"It works when it touches the reality of a human being."

 What is family constellation? 


Family constellation, also known as systemic constellation, is an effective method to recognize the dynamics within a system and to bring them into a good solution if necessary. Systems can be the family, the professional environment or even one's own body.

How is a constellation structured?

Each constellation can develop thematically in different directions, but the individual steps of a constellation are usually the same. Find out more about the process of a constellation.


Welcome and attunement

After clarifying the organizational framework, the focus is directed towards the conscious breath and the upcoming constellation. This creates a protected and supportive space. 


First conversation

As soon as the client feels ready, the purpose of the constellation is clarified in a first conversation. By asking specific questions and discussing the topic, the initial picture of the constellation becomes clear. The persons or objects relevant for the beginning are named, although other persons may also become important during the constellation. 


The constellation itself

The client chooses representatives for the persons named in the preliminary talk according to his or her feeling. Afterwards, the representatives are set up by the client according to his or her "inner picture" and feel into the respective roles. I ask the representatives about their feelings; we look at the dynamics within the system and together with the client and the representatives we look for a good solution. All interventions during the constellation are to be seen as recommendations for action. The client always has the possibility to say no.

In an individual constellation, i.e. without representatives, we use figures on the table or paper sheets on the floor. More information about a constellation in a single setting can be found here. 


Conclusion of the constellation

The final picture of the constellation is resourceful, strengthening and helpful. It is consciously taken in again by all present in a few moments of silence. The client can go within and integrate the experience. The individual participants can reflect on the issues they have been touched by the constellation. It is important that all participants are stable.


After the constellation

In the following weeks, the constellation is allowed to unfold and take effect. What felt new and unfamiliar in the final image is allowed to integrate. It can also happen that during this time, despite the good final picture, questions or doubts arise again with the client. In this case there is always the possibility to contact me and have a short talk or written exchange. If there are several questions or major problems, it may be useful to make an appointment for a consultation. It is important that the client knows that he/she can always receive support if he/she wishes. 


Duration of a constellation

A constellation usually lasts about 90 minutes, although this can vary. The quality or outcome of a constellation does not depend on its length. 


Aim of the constellation


Through this intensive work, (background) reasons and dynamics in systems (e.g. in the family) become visible, past or present can be looked at and a solution may happen. The aim is to bring the client to the best possible and coherent final picture, which can be integrated and consolidated more deeply in the following weeks and months. 



Important to me in this work is

... confidentiality, of course!

... the respectful treatment of the client and his or her concerns.

... the solution-oriented approach

... that interventions during the constellation are considered recommendations for action

... that the client always has the right to say no

... the trust in a good after-effect of the constellation

... to be available to advise on any questions or feelings that arise after the constellation.

For which issues is a constellation helpful?

There are many areas, from inner conflicts or illnesses to problems in the partnership, family or professional life to decisions of all kinds.

The possible topics for a constellation are many and varied. Here are a few topics for an overview:


Profession / Work

  •     Conflicts in the team
  •     Difficult employees or bosses
  •     Mobbing at the workplace
  •     Burn-out syndrome
  •     Unemployment
  •     Career choice, vision and resource search


Health / Body

  •     Long-lasting or recurring illnesses (e.g. cough)
  •     Chronic pain (e.g. migraine)
  •     Eating disorders, anorexia, obesity
  •     Depression, mood swings
  •     Addictions of all kinds


Other personal issues

  •     Constant financial problems
  •     Recurrent failure
  •     Decision making


Yogic themes

  •     Chakra work
  •     10-body work
  •     Resource work from a spiritual perspective

Family of origin

  •     Problems with own parents
  •     Conflicts with siblings
  •     Inheritance disputes
  •     Lack of clarity about paternity
  •     Feeling of not belonging


  •     Partnership problems
  •     Separation / divorce
  •     Death of partner
  •     Closure of old partner relationships
  •     Involuntary permanent single
  •     Unfulfilled desire to have children

Own family

  •     Finding process as a family after birth (Partner versus child versus being a woman)
  •     Educational problems / conflicts with child
  •     Patchwork family
  •     "Conspicuous children", school problems
  •     Illness of a child
  •     Problems with a pet

Appointments & Prices

By appointment. Please contact me (Corinna Devta Kaur).

The individual sessions currently take place online via zoom or in person in Portugal (Cascais).

The group sessions take place in Malveira da Serra (near Cascais).



  • Single session: 80 - 100 Euro (duration approx. 90 minutes)
  • Group session with representatives: 80 - 100 Euro


  • Participation as representatives: 10 Euro



In the group session fee is included:


  • Your family constellation with representatives, duration approx. 2 hours. Please note that we can't forsee how long a session goes, the quality or result of a constellation doesn't depend on the duration.
  • Person free of charge: You can invite your partner / a friend. He/she doesn't have to pay.
  • Karam Kriya (numerology): You can send me your date of birth before the family constellation and I will use the numerology as a background information for the constellation to support the process.
  • A short check-up after the constellation: Whenever you have a question or something that arises in the weeks after the constellation, you can contact me per email. If I don't hear anything from you, I will contact you after 1-2 months to see how you are doing.


These last 3 points are not mandatory. You can make use of them, but you don't have to.