Karam Kriya Consultation

A Karam Kriya consultation aims to make the games of the mind transparent in order to get a clear and truthful view on things and the moment.


It is an invitation to come back into conscious awareness through a conversation that has not yet been conducted before, thus gaining a practical orientation and enabling lasting change and healing. By remembering the permanent intention of your soul, you are ready to be what you already are and always have been.


A Karam Kriya consultation is useful, among other things, when you want to change habits and are ready to break free from unhealthy patterns from your past that are no longer in alignment with your inner values and with your true self.


A Karam Kriya consultation with Devta Singh or Corinna Devta Kaur:

  • lasts about 60 min. and costs 40 Euro
  • includes the evaluation of the date of birth beforehand
  • takes into account the life cycles of the client
  • can be done in person, by phone or online (zoom or skype)

Surcharges for home visits and evenings and Saturday rates on request.

Discounts (e.g. for low-income earners, single mothers, ...) by personal arrangement.


“It is you in the beginning, it is you in the middle, it is you in the end.” - Yogi Bhajan